We create visual content for creatives on social media with collaborative photoshoots


Easy and fun way to network and build rapport with other creatives

I have been to my share of networking events and often times I leave the event less fulfilled and less connected than I believe I should have been. Networking events are often a bit stuffy and awkward for those creatives (like myself) who are introverts. I wanted a networking event that was fun and forced each creative to work elbow to elbow to really create lasting connections.


High Quantity of High Quality Images, Quickly.

One of the biggest perks to being an attendee of a #CatchMeAtLuxe event is the amount of high quality images you will have at your fingertips to utilize on your social media platforms and websites.


Maximum Social Media Exposure

Attendees understand the purpose of social media. They also know how to utilize social media. In fact, they probably understand how an event such as this can benefit them on social media which is why they are attending! When you get a big group of social media loving creatives together, one thing is for sure: social media exposure by all who are taking part in the event! Get ready to add some new groupies, followers and make some lasting relationships with other creatives on social media.


Even “playing field”

Collaboration: is a working practice whereby all individuals work together for a common purpose to achieve a business benefit for all individuals.

During #CatchMeAtLuxe events, the only person that is “hired” to be a part of the event is the host. All attendees are on the same “playing field” in the way that they all must work together toward common goal from the beginning: creating high quality content for maximum social media exposure (and have fun while doing so too!)

This is not your average collaboration.

All attendees register in order to attend. No attendee is singled out, treated differently than another attendee nor does anyone get a free ride. Attendee’s see the value in #CatchMeAtLuxe events and understand this unique variation to a collaboration:  a collaborative #CatchMeAtLuxe Photoshoot.

So What’s next?

Are You Ready? Let’s Collaborate!