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As Bill Gates said, “Content is king.” Which rings true for those that utilize social media for marketing their business. “Content is king” that is one of the main reasons I have created #CatchMeAtLuxe events. For one day I bring together Bloggers, Influencers, Photographers, Make-Up Artists, brands and vendors to collaborate, network and build their content image library for use on social media and their portfolios. Check out these stats from Instagram:

people use instagram daily
businesses use Instagram
% of users follow businesses on instagram

A different kind of Collaboration


Because these events are collaborative, all participants are on the same “playing field” with one main common goal: high quality content curation for maximum social media exposure. This makes it possible for everyone who participates, to benefit from the event. Other benefits include working closely together with other creatives you might not get to work with on a normal basis. I felt there was huge misconception between what other creatives do in different industries. Attending a #CatchMeAtLuxe event you will not only rub elbows with other creatives, you will see how they work and why they do what they do; bridging the gap of creatives in different industries.

Want to host one of these events?

Catch Me Collaborating Course:

Understand the inner-workings of a collaboration process.

From busting industry myths to how to create your own successful collaboration.

Note: You must complete this course before you are able to learn about #CatchMeAtLuxe events!

#CatchMeAtLuxe Event Course

A DIY how-to approach course to create these events to help create community within your area and build lasting creative relationships.

Note: You MUST take Catch Me Collaborating course FIRST in order to purchase #CatchMeAtLuxe event course.

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